Our Story 

Two wins at the Housie game sparked Two heads to quit their jobs and play housie for the rest of their lives..JUST KIDDING!!!..  Heads were suddenly passionate on quitting their jobs and set out to win their dreams. Sown with seeds of wisdom and ambition , witwheelz has seen all rains and pains waiting for the grains. One year old just out of infancy, withwheelz is on the go branding and promoting the skillien world.


                                                                                               EXPLORE THE JOURNEY WITH US!!

about us

Making Strugglers “WINNERS”

We are a company that ignites skills within. Once ignited, mastering is a cup of ‘Coffee’ with us..Reach every latitude and longitude with the witwheelz ride.

Withwheelz is our intoxication, its everything we live for..Be it solving one’s identity crisis or proving oneself on every logic.

We think we can discover it all.. From your milk teeth to your wisdom tooth.

Life Skills

Life is an Art, live yours in colour! Leadership skills redefined with someone not to teach but learn with you. Be a leader helping someone in becoming a leader!

  • 7 Habits for Highly Effective People (Adults)
  • 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens (Teenagers)
  • 7 Habits for Happy Kids (Kids)
  • Love yourself (Adults)
  • Love and Live your Relationships (On the book Roadless Travelled by Scott Peck)
  • Gratitude: The skill to forgive and forget
  • Random Acts of Kindness – Be kind and experience a Boomerang effect!
  • Bully Free Environment – Bullying is injurious to humanity!

what we do

Psychology Consultancy

Get heard here! There is someone to listen to you, understand and know you better. Come and meet your kind of DD (Dimag ka Doctor)

  • Generic Counselling – Personality traits, behaviour, stress, depression.
  • Career Counselling
  • Psychometric Tests

Creative Writing

Sound easy, understandable but, creative enough to attract. Get into the genx times, make your work known by words and illustrations. Look for us for, creative write ups for all kinds of print and digital media.

Corporate Trainings

Love your work and give out the best potentials! Access, align and train your organisation for superior scales of efficiency, performance and satisfaction. Trainings from expert trainers and experienced corporate.

Thinking Skills

Right thinkers are the Right Successors! Join the Skillens league of Witwheelz. We provide thinking skills at the best in parts to be known, understood and implemented rightly. Every topic listed below is taught with a twist of strtegies and entertaining theme to remember forever.

  • Brain Gym
  • Design Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Mind Mapping

Teacher Trainings

The best way to teach is to learn and to learn is to teach! Furnish your passion for teaching with “Steal a Deal” methods at our training sessions. A group of teacher and a trainer, sharing their best practices to let you leave prepared for your best. We provide all kinds of training for teachers of all the leading boards of schools. (IB, CBSE, ICSC and State board)

Personality Skills

Transform your dreams into triumphs! Get yourself into the world of sustainable and practical learning of soft skills. Meet the new you, not the changed but the equipped one to take the challenges of the world.

Cart It

  • Buy exclusive Witwheelz creations
  • Art work products
  • Activity books
Art Wheelz

Cart wheels into the art world! Art workshops at our company are truly an experience of a lifetime. Every art needs no inborn art skill to learn and excel. Art that makes the participant enable to cope many of behavioural traits and life skills.

  • Zentangle – Discover the artist within you!
  • Doodling – Fun to scribble and express!
  • Granite Powder Art – Be an enterpreneur of uniqueness
  • Design for Change Projects –  Baby step to change the world!
  • Quilling Products
  • Match Box Art

“The ones responsible for the creation of THE SKILLIEN WORLD”

#Κèéþ ℜì∂¡ñg!!